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Uplift Drone Consultancy Service

Drone training excellence

With a pedigree of excellence in drone training and operations that is second to none, Uplift Drone Training has recently expanded its scope of services to include a range of consultancy offerings to address the growing need in the rapidly expanding drone sector. The depth of expertise within Uplift encompasses the full spectrum of activity, from operations, training, regulatory support, industry advocacy, platform selection and Safety Management.

Experienced consultants

In training, our consultants were amongst the pioneers who developed the early CAA recognised remote pilot courses and in operations our people have experienced the full range of operational applications in the most challenging environments imaginable. This experience has enabled us to diversify our offering into other services such as the generation of Safety Cases for congested area operations, establishing Safety Management Systems (SMS) and developing large scale drone operations from scratch.

Knowledge of how operations work provides us with an unparalleled understanding of how to scale up from a standing start. We know how to select drone platforms to suit your requirement and identify the operational support software, systems and procedures to transform your business and transform it into a global market. We can guide you through the whole process, from establishing your business need, identifying and acquiring equipment and recruiting and training your staff to obtaining the legal permissions required to get you operating safely and successfully.

Drone industry specialists

Uplift consultants are diverse in their approach, intelligent in their application and deliver informed solutions through a comprehensive knowledge of their craft. They have operated at the ‘coalface’ in challenging operational environments and in many industry verticals all the way up to the strategic international stage of drone regulatory evolution. They offer many complementary skillsets, forged in the challenging early years of this embryonic industry, which they can bring to bear to address the challenges that face your drone business, adding value to your proposition and setting you on a pathway to success.

Tailored solutions

Uplift prides itself on fully understanding the client requirement so that it can tailor a comprehensive bespoke solution that meets your needs and is on time and in budget. We work hand in hand with you to develop the solution and craft it to meet your need. We know the path you seek to take because we have already trodden it. So, let our experts help position you on a path to success.

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