Why Commercial Drone Operators are Realising the Importance of the OSC Volume 3

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Image Source: DJI

In recent years, we’ve increasingly seen businesses getting to grips with the fact that modern drone solutions can save them time, money and manpower whilst improving health & safety procedures. Industry giants such as Balfour Beatty, BT, Shell and the BBC, plus multiple UK Police Forces including Devon & Cornwall and Derbyshire Constabulary, have already integrated drone solutions into their everyday business operations.

However, there are still many commercial drone operators who are either unaware of, or are yet to apply for, their Operational Safety Case (OSC) Volume 3 from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Why Might Commercial Drone Operators Need an OSC Volume 3?

As the next step from gaining the CAA Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO), the OSC Volume 3 is essential for individuals and/or companies needing to operate with reduced distance separation compared to what the standard Permission for Commercial Operations allows (i.e. less than 50m). The CAA requirements for this can be found in their CAP 722 Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) guidance document and illustrated below:

CAA osc vol 3 blog post

Image Source: UK Civil Aviation Authority | Note: Congested Areas (CA)

A reduced distance permission has huge benefits across the multiple sectors within which drones currently operate including construction, agriculture, media, emergency services and energy sectors. Many aspects of commercial work must be undertaken within 50 metres including close inspection & surveying of objects and buildings.

Matthew Lee, Director at UDT, explains: “Qualified operators will be well-aware of the benefits of holding a PfCO from the CAA. However, with the PfCO also comes restrictions. The OSC Vol 3 or sometimes referred to as an “exemption” is the next step to gaining permissions that are above what the standard PfCO allows. These enhanced permissions may be operating closer to uninvolved persons or flying higher than the standard PfCO allows.

How Can I Get My OSC Volume 3?

Uplift Drone Training has launched the first OSC Volume 3 training course available in the UK. Delivered by our professional drone pilots and aviation experts, the ‘UDT OSC Volume 3’ course assists commercial drone operators in taking your business operations to the next level – and ensure you are operating within the parameters of the law.

The course contains expert guidance from our experienced consultants, gained from a legion of successful OSC Vol 3 applications. You will receive extra detail and instruction, above and beyond what is provided in CAP 722 on how to structure your OSC Volume 3 application to the CAA, giving you and/or your business the best chance of CAA approval.

If you are yet to receive expert drone training and apply for your CAA OSC Volume 3, now’s the time. Here at Uplift Drone Training, we teach you the skills and knowledge required to fly safely and successfully. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and book your UDT course today!


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