Choosing The Best Drone For You

best drone for you

Choosing The Best Drone For You

So you want to find the best drone for you? Well, buying a drone can be a big commitment – there’s so much techy terminology floating about that it can confuse even the experts.

Here at Uplift Drones, we want to make sure you make the right decision before parting with your hard-earned cash, so these are the things we think you should consider when finding the perfect drone for you:


Long gone are the days where drones were only available to professionals and the extremely wealthy. Nowadays there is a drone for everyone – especially with our new finance option, which you can view here.

Whether your budget be big or small there is certainly the right drone out there to meet your needs – but it’s important to search through all your options before you make your final choice.

At Uplift we’re all about getting you the most for your money, so while there are still drones that are at the higher end of the price spectrum, they might not do exactly what you need them for and some drones – like the Ryze Tello – go for as little as just £99 and might be perfect for what you want!

best drone for you


It’s important to remember that with so many drones on offer, each has their speciality; so, it’s vital to consider what you actually want your drone to do.

Take your time to think about what instances you’ll be using your drone in – for example the filming requirements for a sporting event is very different to filming landscape and scenery.

For capturing landscape shots an entry level drone would be completely fine but if you are wanting to capture moving, active footage you will need a faster drone that can fly and film at high speeds without losing video and image quality, like the DJI Mavic Pro or even the Inspire 2.

When first starting out, it’s important to keep an eye out for key aspects such as how easy the aircraft is to pilot, its durability and camera quality, but also the drone’s intelligent features which can be extremely time-saving and useful – check out the DJI Mavic Air.

For the more advanced stuff, you’ll want to look at things like the camera’s bitrate and resolution, flight time, frames per second (fps) and even the mechanical shutter (as you don’t want to have a picture wrap).

best drone for you


There’s no arguing that the market leader when it comes to drones is 100 percent Chinese drone giants DJI. Having such a dominance in the market it is easy to simply choose a DJI drone, but they’re not the only brand out there.

With brands such as Yuneec – who produce the fantastic Typhoon H Plus – AceCore Technologies and Aerialtronics, it’s definitely a good idea to consider all of your options before making the final choice in finding the best drone for you.

best drone for you

Have any further questions or thinking of buying a drone? Our team of experts are waiting to take your call!

AND with our Price Match Promise, you can call our dedicated team of experts on 0330 111 8800 and we’ll try our best to get you the best deal on your perfect drone.

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