CAA OSC Services

for Operations Manuals and PfCO Applications, Renewals and Exemptions

Your operations manual is the heart of your commercial drone operation. Make sure it is of the highest standard possible.

Get help with your operations manual from a CAA-approved training organisation with a proven background in unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and aviation. We are available 5 days a week in our fully staffed office to help with any enquiries and assistance throughout the process.

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Standard Operations Manual Service

We will provide you with a CAA and CAP 722 compliant template with content examples, that you will work through and modify for your intended commercial drone operations. Our instructors provide up to three reviews to make sure your operations manual meets the CAA standard. You will be fully familiar with all aspects of your operation and manual by completion. This service is included in all of our PfCO courses.

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Bespoke Operations Manual Service

Our training team will work with you to produce a high-quality operations manual. You will be fully familiar with all aspects of your operation and manual by completion. This is a high-speed service with turnaround guaranteed in 5 days. Input from you, the client, will involve either a phone consultation or a brief consultation by email to produce a manual tailored to your commercial drone operation.

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OSC Volume 3 (Exemption) Online Course

This course, which includes over 30 videos across 6 core lessons, walks you through the process of putting together your Operation Safety Case (OSC) Volume 3 or Exemption and applying to the CAA.

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OSC Volume 3 (Exemption) Consultation Service

You will be allocated a consultant who will review your existing operations manual and your experience and work with you to produce an OSC Volume 1, 2 and 3 to gain you or your company operating limits less restrictive than the “standard” Permission for Commercial Operations. This is a bespoke service and time input and costs can only be assessed after an initial free consultation.

All operations manuals will accurately represent the client / student operation and will be produced after feedback and input from the client / student. We do not offer ops manual “writing” services without client input, as this is not allowed under CAP 722.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Operating Safety Case?

The Operating Safety Case (OSC) is a comprehensive safety document outlining the individual/company’s operation and methodology. It is made up of three volumes and is used to apply to the CAA for a Standard Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) or Exemption (Non-Standard Permission) to operate a UAS within the UK.

What is the difference between an Operations Manual and an OSC?

Operations Manual is the common term used to describe Section 1 of the OSC, ‘UAS OSC Volume 1 – Operations Manual’, whereas the Operating Safety Case (OSC) is comprised of all three Volumes. However, you may often hear operators using the term ‘Ops Manual’ in reference to a combination of Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of the Operating Safety Case, depending on the level of authorisation issued by the CAA e.g. Standard Permission (Volumes 1 / 1+2) and Non-Standard Permission / Exemption (Volumes 1+2+3).

How long does it take to write a Drone Operations Manual?

The Operations Manual is a comprehensive safety document and can therefore take hours, days, or even weeks to produce, depending on your operation and the level of support available from your NQE. Uplift Drones has two services available that offer different levels of support when writing your ops manual; Standard Operations Manual Service and Bespoke Operations Manual Service.

Do I need to write my own Operations Manual?

The short answer is yes. But don’t panic – this doesn’t mean that you are required to write the document from scratch, as most NQEs provide their students with detailed OSC templates and guidance documents included with their PfCO courses. Uplift Drones also provides a Bespoke Operations Manual Service that provides additional input from our dedicated training team, making the process as streamlined as possible for our clients.

How do I write an Operating Safety Case Volume 3?

The OSC Volume 3 is required to prepare and submit a full Operating Safety Case (OSC) to the CAA in application for a Non-Standard Permission. Applicants must provide confidence, with any supporting evidence, that Safety Risks are, after any mitigations have been applied, at a safe enough level to make the OSC acceptable to the CAA. Uplift Drones offer a cost-effective Online Guidance Course to help you gather the evidence to write your Vol 3, or for more in-depth, one-to-one assistance, there is our OSC Vol 3 Consultation Service.


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