British Army set to test ‘new drone prototype’ in November

drone prototype

British Army set to test ‘new drone prototype’ in November

The UK’s new Army chief Mark Carleton-Smith has warned that Britain must place ‘big bets’ on high tech warfare such as drones in order to protect the country from cyber-attacks.

It comes after the Lieutenant-General – who replaced General Sir Nick Carter last month — unveiled that troops will begin testing on ‘new drone prototype technology’ in November as part of an experiment called Autonomous Warrior.

The new drone technology will reportedly boast enhanced long-range scanners in a bid to limit dangers to troops on the front lines of conflict zones.

During the experiment, driverless cargo vehicles will also be tested which are reportedly planned to be used during the ‘last-mile supply’ to troops – when vehicles are sent to give soldiers food fuel and ammunition during their final approach during combat.

Former SAS Commander Carleton-Smith – who is said to have led the hunt for Osama bin Laden – told a Royal United Services Institute event: “We live in exceptionally unstable times and the world has never been more unpredictable.

“We need a more proactive, threat-based approach to our capability planning, including placing some big bets on those technologies that we judge may offer exponential advantage.

“Given the pace of the race, to fall behind today is to cede an almost unquantifiable advantage from which it might be impossible to recover.”

drone prototype drone prototype
Image Credits: UK Government

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