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How Important are Drone Qualifications to the New Registration Rules?

Big changes are on the horizon for UK drone owners, commercial drone pilots working in the UK, and the nature of drone qualifications. New rules are to be put in place regarding drone registration, as well as the need for drone qualifications and mandatory safety courses. Drones have become more popular over the last five …

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Drones in the Business World and the Need for Drone Qualifications

Technology has revolutionised the business world for many years now, but it’s safe to say that drones are one of the more unique and exciting developments in recent memory. Drones entering a commercial environment will increase the need for safety, and therefore make drone qualifications a necessity. Drones are very much the talk of the …

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How Professional Drone Training Courses Could Land You a Job

Drone training courses aren’t just fun; they also come loaded with serious and far-reaching benefits. Discover how learning with Uplift Drone Training could lead to better career prospects. Unemployment in the UK is low. Comparative to countries like France and Spain, where unemployment is at 10% and 18% respectively, Brits are enjoying a much healthier …

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The Right Platform for the Job

The cherry picker (elevated work platform) and scaffolding have been around for many years, however could the time be upon us when small unmanned aircraft (drones) sit side by side in the toolbox of inspection platforms along with scaffolding and elevated work platforms?

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The Drone Must Haves and What’s Actually Needed

Well according to the rumours we are just days away from the most anticipated aerial platform since DJI hit the stores with the Phantom. Now as usual we have had leaked images of what could be the renewal of the entry to mid level professional aircraft. As we all know DJI have almost managed to …

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Up close and personal the DJI Z30

The powerhouse of DJI releases another new product for the commercial sector and we cannot help but think that the DJI Zenmuse Z30 will create waves in the commercial sector just as the Mavic has in the “lifestyle” drone sector.   With the release of the DJI Mavic it would be easy to think this …

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