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Uplift Drones launch ‘DroneMAP’ Online Drone Mapping Course

Uplift Drones, the UK’s leading commercial drone training provider, has expanded its training portfolio with the launch of the ‘DroneMAP’ Drone Mapping and Photogrammetry eLearning course. This online drone mapping course is for drone pilots and those involved in surveying who want to know how to collect accurate data and produce accurate data outputs using …

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CAA publish 7th Edition of CAP 722 for UAS Operations

The CAA has published the Seventh Edition of CAP 722, which is now split into three parts with the appendices covered in separate documents CAP 722A and CAP 722B. The CAP 722 July 2019 amendment updates references and text in accordance with ANO 2016 and its subsequent amendments, changes to European regulations brought about by …

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Guide to EU UAS Regulations and CAP1789

On 21 June, the CAA released CAP1789 to provide an outline of the newly published EU unmanned aircraft regulations. Due to be implemented by July 2020, the ‘EU UAS Regulation Package’ aims to provide harmonisation across Europe, simplifying the overall process for UAS operations and removing the need to refer to separate regulations within each …

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DJI Smart Controller now compatible with Mavic 2 Enterprise drones

As promised since its release earlier this year, the DJI Smart Controller is now compatible with both the Mavic 2 Enterprise and Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual aircraft following the latest firmware update. This is positive news for commercial operators using the Mavic 2 Enterprise Series for applications across the construction, energy and emergency service sectors. …

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Why All Entry-Level Commercial Drone Pilots Should Invest in DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual

“All entry-level commercial drone pilots should invest in the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual aircraft.” – A bold statement, we know, but one we stand by. So, let’s look at why we’re certain the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual is the best aircraft in the Mavic 2 Series for most entry-level professional drone pilots. 2018 was …

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Why gender diversity is essential to the drone industry’s growth

It’s no secret that the drone industry has always been an (unintentionally) male-dominated environment. But things are changing and with more women gaining their commercial drone pilot permission (PfCO) each year in the UK, this shift in balance can only spell good things for the industry on both a national and global scale. Even though …

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How Airwave, a Motorola Solutions Company, use drones to inspect their telecommunications structures

Background Airwave delivers the world-class mission-critical communication service used by the emergency services, along with a dynamic product portfolio of Networks, Control Rooms, Devices, Applications and Analytics. With every emergency service in every region of Great Britain relying on Airwave’s Network and Services, their dedicated service continues to evolve to meet their customer’s changing needs. …

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DJI announce ‘DJI Terra’ 3D Modelling and Mapping Software

Global drone giant DJI has introduced their new easy-to-use mapping software, DJI Terra. Built for individuals and organisations, DJI Terra offers a comprehensive platform for mission planning, data acquisition, area mapping and data analysis. It enables you to transform critical drone data into digital 3D models and maps for quick and accurate analysis to aid …

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Why you need Flight Data Management Software for Commercial Drone Operations

With more commercial drone operators taking to the skies than ever before, it’s never been more important for unmanned aerial system (UAS) remote pilots to log their flight data because as we all know, data is valuable, and keeping a record of your flight logs, understanding the health of your drone and analysing your flight …

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How Drones are used in Mining and Aggregates

It’s no secret that unmanned aerial systems (UAS) aka drones, are fast-becoming one of the most valuable tools for commercial mapping, surveying and inspections. An industry set to benefit from drone technology on a colossal scale is mining and aggregates, with its everlasting requirement for consistent aerial surveys of mines and quarries. With the world’s …

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How UK Police are using drones to catch criminals and locate missing persons

Today in the UK, most police forces obtain air support using unmanned aerial systems (UAS), more commonly known as drones, in addition to traditional air support services like helicopters from the National Police Air Service (NPAS). Drones can provide visual and/or thermal aerial imagery to aid in the real-time surveillance of suspect pursuit, the search …

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DroneDeploy prove DJI Phantom 4 RTK delivers survey-grade mapping accuracy

In recent years, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) – widely referred to as drones – have been increasingly used to conduct aerial surveys and generate 3D maps that measure a timeline of site changes across industries such as Construction, Mining and Agriculture. With a constant need to reduce the time and resources used for traditional methods …

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