Best Drones for Beginners

best drones beginners

Best Drones for Beginners

So, you’ve made the decision to invest in a drone? Good call. Not only can it give you endless hours of fun and enjoyment, it can also potentially be the start of your new career!

But with the choices seemingly endless it can be difficult to know which specific drone to choose. Well, never fear – here is our list of the best drones for beginners – whether you’re completely fresh or are a little bit more advanced!

Ryze Tello – £99.00

The Ryze Tello is the perfect drone for beginners – and at £99 its available to everyone!

To start flying all you have to do is use the old Throw and Go technique – which translates to: toss the Tello in the air and away you go, it’s as easy as that.

Not only can you capture consistently clear images but with the Tello you are also able to perform awesome tricks with just a tap on screen, thanks to all the DJI flight tech it is packing!

The Tello also has VR Headset compatibility that allows you to fly in breathtaking first-person view. Plus, you can record coordinated short videos with Circle, 360, and Up & Away with EZ shots and preserve great memories with high-resolution pictures thanks to 5MP photos.

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best drones for beginners

DJI Mavic Air – £769.00

If you want a drone with all the bells and whistles – the Mavic Air is the starter drone for you.

Just to mention a few of its features, the DJI Mavic Air has a stabilised 4K Camera, can perform 12-megapixel stills, 100 mbps, full HD at 120 frames per second, a 32-megapixel Spherical Panorama, HDR capture mode for shadow & landscape, plus photos & videos are stored directly on the drone itself with easy & fast export and an Omni-Directional Antenna – and breathe.

Not only this, it is DJI’s most adventurous drone yet, with a 3-Axis Gimbal, Stabilised 4K Camera and a 7-Camera Vision System, the creative possibilities are endless.

It can also reach speeds of up to 42.5 mph and includes all the Intelligent Features like ActiveTrack, QuickShot, SmartCapture and Flight Autonomy 2.0 – to understand more about them head to our Intelligent Flight Modes explained piece.

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best drones for beginners

DJI Mavic Pro – £899.00

At the pricey-er and more advanced tech end of the spectrum you have the DJI Mavic Pro – a truly incredible drone.

One of DJI’s smallest yet most powerful drones, it is extremely lightweight and portable it houses a full arsenal of additional features while DJI’s improved technology allows it to hover and hold position like a pro and not compromise when trying to capture images or film.

It even comes with a beginner mode, which sees the Mavic Pro place restrictions on how high and far you can fly so you don’t have to worry about losing sight or control of your drone whilst you’re still learning the basics.

The on-board camera allows you to film in high resolution 4k while using a stabilised 3-axis gimbal so you can be sure to get the shot you need without shaky, unstable imagery. The 12MP camera allows sharp images that are not compromised with its 1/2.3 CMOS sensor.

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best drones for beginners

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