4 Great Benefits of Drone Flying Courses

A girl flying a drone on a drone training course

The use of drones as a commercial tool has made the role of professional drone pilot hugely popular. You could rely on practice and self-taught knowledge to pursue this career, but the benefits of drone flying courses speak for themselves.

Modern technology continues to advance the way we live our lives as well as change the face of the business world. Not only has it revolutionised many long standing industries, but it’s also created brand new ones along the way. The drone industry is a prime example of this, and professional drone piloting is the natural progression of technology being used for commercial purposes.

In this post, we’ll take a look at a few of the reasons why drone flying courses benefit aspiring drone pilots or pilots who are already established but require further training.

Become a More Skilled and Knowledgeable Pilot

The primary benefit of any course is self-improvement and gaining more knowledge in a particular field. Drone training helps you do exactly that! As you progress through the various aspects of our drone courses, you’ll acquire knowledge and skills from some our expert team of drone specialists and former pilots.

As the drone industry continues to grow the possibilities for professionals grows with it. The influx of drone technology into the business world has made it an exciting time to be a professional drone pilot, therefore making the concept of drone flying courses very worthwhile.

Drone Training Makes You A More Appealing Employee

Anyone who’s eager to embark on a career of professional drone piloting would be best served by starting off with drone flying courses. This will provide you with the bare bones of drone flight — from basic maneuvers to becoming a proficient pilot. Along the way, you’ll also pick up the necessary knowledge and expertise to fly your device safely and legally.

When the time comes to start applying for drone-based roles, your potential employers will glance over your CV — notice that you’ve applied yourself by taking drone flying courses — and give you a much better chance of securing the job.

You’ll Become Familiar with Drone Laws

You may have noticed in the news recently that the UK drone laws are set to change. This is due to an incident involving a drone at Gatwick airport, in which the drone veered into the airspace of a landing plane causing a delay. In doing so, it has highlighted the need to reevaluate the current UK drone laws. This includes mandatory safety courses for pilots and the registration of any drone weighing more than 250 grams.

Drone training will allow you to familiarise yourself with current and upcoming drone laws. This will not only give you the peace of mind know knowing that you’ll be capable of flying a drone safely and in accordance with UK laws, but it’s also another massive plus for when the time comes to apply for a job.

You also have to consider the trouble you might find yourself in if you do fly a drone in an area deemed illegal, or invade the privacy of members of the public. This could result in a prison sentence or other form of punishment.

It Could Be a Serious Asset to Your Small Business

Drones have an active and hugely beneficial presence in the business world. They’re fitted with cameras to be used in film and television, provide the new era of CCTV, and are used widely to capture images of large areas for construction and agriculture. And they are soon be used as a method of delivery by Amazon as part of their ‘Prime Air’ service.

If your business could benefit from any of the drones uses mentioned above, a UAV would be a serious asset to your company. Not only would it give you a unique and exciting service to offer your customers, but it would also demonstrate that you’re a company who is very much in touch with the most modern technologies and are capable of embracing them.

Are you considering taking a drone flying course? Booking a course with Uplift Drone Training will give you access to a team of drone experts and former pilots, and give you everything needed to become an efficient and knowledgeable pilot.


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